Gerardo Velasquez began his career as a jeweler in 1973 with a jewelry manufacturing company in Illinois at the age of 20.

In 1975, he began working for Waltham Watch Company's fine jewelry department as a diamond setter where he remained for eight years.

In 1983, he was recruited by The Dave Downey Company. They required that he travel the entire country to perform "jewelry shows" at various high-end jewelry retailers. At these shows, Gerardo would remount/recreate jewelry for customers while they watched. There he realized the tremendous value that people placed on dealing directly with a jeweler.

After over 15 years in the jewelry industry, Gerardo decided to establish G.V. Jewelry in 1987.


 Gerardo and Maria Velasquez

Julio A. Velasquez

Julio has spent his entire life around the jewelry industry. After he graduated from DePaul University he realized that he was genuinely passionate about the jewelry craft and decided to join his father full time as a jeweler. He has since received his GIA Graduate Diamonds diploma and is the in-house CAD jewelry designer.

G.V. Jewelry is solely operated by the Velasquez family.